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I'm just a simple Argentine who likes to draw as a hobby
I like the empanadas and the shitpost content

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Posted by TheGordoNae - 1 month ago


He just checked the Newgrounds only to realize that there are already 300 users who started to follow me, I owe you a thousand thanks for appreciating and seeing the content that I upload on this page.

Have a good Thursday for now and more Pixel-Arts will be coming soon.


Posted by TheGordoNae - 1 month ago


Well, it has been a long time that I had not uploaded a drawing in Newgrounds but at least I managed to upload it on Halloween day, I know that is not celebrated here (Argentina) but at least I wish you guys have a good time, have a good halloween friends.


Posted by TheGordoNae - September 21st, 2021

Hello people of Newgrounds, I have good news (mostly), and it is thanks to the fact that these last few days I got to see 2 animated series of Batman (The Brave and Bold & The Animated Series) and Courage the Cobard Dog. I already have enough ideas to make several Pixel-Arts.

Obviously this is going to take time because of the tasks and studies that I have to do for the faculty, including exams, at least I hope they are doing well and that I will soon upload a new drawing here, have a good day, good afternoon and good evening.


Posted by TheGordoNae - August 9th, 2021


I owe you a big apology if I haven't been uploading anything to Newgrounds for a long time, for several days I've been focusing on a certain drawing that has too much detail, moreover because I'm going back to college classes today, I won't have so much time as before, I will at least try to finish something for this weekend, I love you very much and have a good start to the week.


Posted by TheGordoNae - August 2nd, 2021


Posted by TheGordoNae - July 19th, 2021


´╗┐Gentlemen, I am now 19 years old as of today.

PS: I will upload more drawings soon, don't worry about that.


Posted by TheGordoNae - July 3rd, 2021


Hey, how are you? It has been a while since I did this type of post, but hey, I am warning that I am nowhere near having some rest after so many heavy tasks and delivering at the faculty, at least 2 weeks in which I focus on my drawings and other things, also notice that we are only 17 days from my birthday (July 20 is my birthday), just notice that and I hope you also have a good vacation, good luck and see you next time.


Posted by TheGordoNae - May 20th, 2021


Good night, afternoon or day, it depends on the time you are, I come to say that I will still be half inactive until winter holidays arrive, but I will still upload one or another Pixel-Art, I plan to continue with the remaining fighters from the Punch-Out Wii (which I only did the minor circuit last year) and pixelating the odd meme as in the case of SpongeBob Gangster, for now I wish you all have a good day and have a good time.


Posted by TheGordoNae - March 14th, 2021

Well, as you know, a few weeks ago I said that I will not be active for a while, today I start the faculty and I think that they will not see drawings until I see when I have some free time, by the way I say thank you for appreciating things I draw as a hobby, I wish you good night and I hope you have a good start to the week.

PS: I recently finished my last drawing of the Darth Vader meme from Star Wars Detours.



Posted by TheGordoNae - March 3rd, 2021

Hey, good morning, afternoon or evening, it depends on how you are.

I have come to warn you of why so much inactivity these last days, it is because already in 2 weeks I am about to start the faculty, but do not worry, more pixelated drawings will come soon, for now I leave you to say hello to " Frank "